Description: Access Control System
Model No: GA-2D2R

Key Features

  • Card Holder: 1000 Cards
  • Logs: 60000 Records
  • Alarm Events: 10000 Events
  • Communication: TCP/IP

Technical Specifications


  • Directly integrate 10M TCP/IP communication with excellent transmission performance.
  • Flash memory card with big capacity can keep data for 10 years if the electricity goes off.
  • Hardware has web server function, management and real time monitor can be realized without installing software.
  • Support card readers to realize going in and out by swiping card.
  • Time Zone: 4/8 & each group can choose different verification methods.
  • Support multi verifications: Card, card+password, double cards, first card opening, timing door force open or close, & timing alarm
  • Support remote operation of door & alarm, fire alarm opening or closing.
  • Support door locking through software or WEB.
  • Support anti-pass back going beyond access controllers.
  • Support alarm output of multi events like invalid card & time, door alarm & door open overtime.
  • Wiegand interfaces are compatible with wiegand 26/34 protocol.
  • Automatic data sending & transporting is not influenced by quality of controllers.
  • Support the setting of every card’s valid time.
  • Support real time management monitor by multi users & multi devices.
  • Network real-time monitor can be realized working with web map.

Standard Interface:

  • Card Reader: 2pc
  • Alarm Output: 1
  • Alarm Input: 2
  • Fire Alarm Output: 1
  • Fire Alarm Input: 1
  • Release Button: 2
  • Door Sensor: 2
  • Lock Output: 2

Basic Parameters:

  • Box Color: Black
  • Working Temperature: -10C ~ +60C
  • Environment Humidity: 10% – 95% R.H
  • Working Voltage: 12V
  • Working Current: <150ma
  • Rated Power: ≤10W
  • Power-Off Protection: 10 Years

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