Description: Access Card Reader
Model No: GA-PCR

Key Features

  • Beautifully Designed, Slim Size
  • Built-In Transreceiver Antenna
  • Maxi. Effective Distance up 2~8cm
  • Less than 100ms Decoding Time
  • Wiegand26 Interface
  • Built-In Bi-Color LED and Buzzer

Technical Specifications

  • Operation Mode: Proximity Card or PIN
  • Excitation frequency: 125KHz
  • Identification Time: ≤0S.3
  • Proximity card read range: 2 ~ 8CM
  • Wiegand output: ID CARD WG26, IC WG34(optional)
  • Built-in buzzer: YES
  • External door bell: YES
  • Operation humidity: 20-80%
  • Operation temperature: -100C-600C
  • Power Adapter: DC 12V 

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